You are in the Driver's Seat for Your Health - Plugging Some Products

In the US over 700,000 people die each year from heart-related diseases such as stroke, certain cancers, and diabetes. About 80% of these deaths are preventable. That's right, by improving your nutrition and weight level you can greatly improve your chances to live longer and feel better. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it can be.

U.C. Berkeley conducted the Landmark Nutrition Study in 2007. The study found that people who took Shaklee supplements were in much better health overall than those who took no supplements and than those who took supplements other than the Shaklee brand. In fact, some of the other supplements out there have synthetic ingredients in them and the study found people who took these were actually worse off than if they had taken nothing at all! Now, I took vitamins for years and I can't tell you what was actually in them - synthetic ingredients? I have no idea.

I would recommend Shaklee's Rx for a Healthier Life. It contains 4 awesome products that will make you feel healthier, give you more energy, and may just add some years to your life. The 4 products are Vivix, Vitalizer, Nutriferon, and Cinch.

Vivix is really amazing. I'm sure you've heard about the benefits of red wine. A team of scientists found a very potent source of the active ingredient in red wine, resveratrol. One teaspoon of Vivix is the same as drinking 100 glasses of red wine each day! Sounds crazy but there's no red wine hangover with this one. Vivix makes repairs in your body at the cellular level so believe me you start feeling better. My husband and I never want to be without this!

Vitalizer contains 80 essential vitamins and minerals. The pills are coated and targeted for specific parts of the body so they deliver the nutrients where you need it most; you don't just swallow a pill that gets broken down in your stomach. It helped settle down my digestive tract right away.

Nutriferon nourishes your interferons. In turn, your interferons go out and fight off invading germs and such. I swear this product kept me from getting sick over the holidays. Someone at work had come in with the flu and I could feel those tell-tale sniffles just before we left for 2 weeks of travel (yes, with twins that had just turned 2 - we were CRAZY!). I made sure to take my Nutriferon and kept from getting sick.

Cinch is an inch loss program. We drink one of these protein shakes every morning for breakfast. It has 24 grams of high quality protein which keeps us full while really nourishing our bodies.

And the result of all this? We have more energy; we feel better; we are in better moods (really!); our digestion is working better; and we have both lost a few pounds without really trying! And I have the peace of mind knowing that I have made healthy choices so that I can live longer and feel better.

How can you get your hands on these products? Go to and click on SHOP. Or you can email me at for more information.

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