Fish Oil Supplements

March 8, 2010  
There is a law suit against 10 of the top manufacturers of fish oil supplements. The law allows up to 90 nanograms of PCBs; PCBs have been linked to cancer and birth defects and were thus banned.  The companies include Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, Rite Aid, Nature Made, and more.  As I understand it, there was a single test, but these companies were found in that test to have levels higher than 90ng.  Frankly, I wouldn't want to knowingly take any PCBs!

High-doses of (safe!) fish oil reduce inflammation that can lead to stroke, heart attack, athritis, alzheimers and more. 
Fish oil omega-3s protect your heart and help retain normal blood pressure.  It is vital for brain function, vision, and joint mobility.
The "experts" suggest looking for products with lower PCB levels or eating fish (but the muscle of fish contains much lower levels of omega 3s). Be aware that Shaklee's Omegaguard has >1ng of PCBs (they can't say zero because a tiny bit could get through).  And it has higher levels of EPA (for your heart) and DHA (for your brain) than other leading brands.  To order Shaklee's safe products, go to
Here is the 4 minute video from Good Morning America breaking the story
 Do you use fish oil supplements?  Does this affect you? Leave me a comment.

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